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We “Aryan Engineers” are presently and from the beginning from the year 2003, at the lead position of Manufacturing, supplying and exporting the top-notch ranges of Pharmaceutical Equipments in Ahmedabad, India. We are having the good customer’s relation with the numerous clients from the abundant well regarded hospitals, clinics from domestic and international countries and they used to largely avail our Filter Press specially featured with zero hold up design as our team is designing them with the modern & advanced techniques and methods for its uniqueness and constancy. We were engaged in making and offering the various types of Filter Press in the market at wide basis.

Being the improved firm, we have been indulged to provide our specialized and standard ranges of Sparkler Filter, Activated Carbon Filters, Self Cleaning Filter and CIP-SIP System etc products to the agro-chemical, dairies, distilleries, breweries and pharmaceutical industries. Our unit of teams used to make the very improved quality series of this machineries and equipments as we believes in supplying and exporting the enhanced quality of products should only be delivered to the customers for the longer and better relation with them. Our filter presses are considered among the best pharma products which efficiently separates the liquid and solid by using pressure filtration.

Along with the different filters, we are also providing the Purified Injectable Holding Tank, Eye Drop Mixing Tank and Pharmaceutical Process Tank for the demanding needs of numerous pharmaceutical industries in India and as well to the other overseas countries. Our mentioned all products are reasonable priced by our unit as far as looking towards the customers comfort ability to select and buy our products in an extensive range. So to the both in-house and foreign customers, we used to sell our filter press and other products at inexpensive price range. If you want to get the better choice of this product at lower price then immediately contact us to receive them at your access.

Filter Press Exporter, Manufacturer in India

What is Filter Press ?

Filter Press means the machine consisting of a sequence of cloth filters fixed to structure, utilized for the substantial scale filtration of fluid under force. In simple term, this is a piece of set process, which separates the liquids and solids by using pressure filtration.

Our Quality Guarantee

We are committed to make and provide the A grade quality of Pharmaceutical Equipment, Storage Tank, Vessel Equipment etc. Mainly our firm is well known for supplying and exporting the world class qualitative all varieties of Filter Presses. Our unit of team is with their best skill they used to create the branded supreme quality of the products which are capable for long operational life. Even after the productions of our products, they all separately checked for its necessary quality base and then finally deliver to the customers end.

Filter Press, Best filter press price india

Specialized Nature of Our Filter Press

  • Short working cycle: Our provided filter presses are quick and flawless in functioning so minimum time requires for the filtration process.
  • High proficiency:This is having the high capability to make the clear filtration as it is made up with the highly developed methods.
  • Low activity cost: No more numbers of labors requires in operating this device so the operating cost is comparatively very lower.
  • Basic task: Our filter press can be handled by any person as it is easy in execution; no any difficult functioning is equipped by us.
  • Low power utilization: we mainly focused to make the low power utilization filter press for our valuable customers so this press progressively saves your money.
  • Generally application: you can find this product at many industries as it is the vital filter press to filtrate the fluids to remove the solids and uncontaminated elements.
  • High weight pressing: At the same time, the device is specifically capable to filter the more quantity of the fluids.
  • Programmed dribble plate: the great quality of plate equipped by us helps in the better performance in providing output.                    

Technical Advancements Of Our Filter Press

  • Single pass filtration with no strong detour
  • Zero hold up model of filtration
  • Appropriate fixing and shutting development which permits filtration of unstable, dangerous, combustible items
  • Quick and uncomplicated expulsion of filtration plate and cartridge because of top dome development
  • Simple evacuation of cake
  • Whole restoration of fluids
  • Any kind of filtration medium can be utilized to accomplish required micron efficiency
  • Accessible size of filter is 8”, 14”, 18”, 24”and 33”
  • Even cake transference guaranteeing affordable activity and uniform lucidity  

Why Us ?

  • Over 16 plus years of know-how and loyalty in this filed
  • Having great market goodwill by selling our various filter presses to the numerous industrialists
  • Providing the improved and well checked quality of products to the consumers
  • Both supply and export service are conducted by us
  • Uncomplicated & trouble free applications of filter press are manufactured by our team
  • Quality and durability guaranteed products are made in our unit
  • Delivering the products to the customers within or before the given time frame
  • Selling the reasonably priced products to our reliable customers
  • We even provides the after sales service system to our clients

Applications Of Our Filter Press

  • Chemical industry
  • Bulk drug plant
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Food industry
  • Dairies
  • Brewery
  • Oil plant
  • Petroleum plant
  • Sugar industry
  • Printing and dyeing
  • Mining and metallurgy
Filter press for Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic industry, Ceramics industry, Food industry, Dairies
Sparkler Filter press manufacturer

Price range of Filter Press in India

Usually, Filter Presses are more used in pharmaceutical industries, so many customers used to think that the price will be higher but we Aryan Engineers are supplying and trading these same product and also many types of filter press at very cost-effective price ranges. We are currently distributing our products to the thousands of customers and you too want to get our most excellent quality of Filter Press at very normal cost price then without any delay contact us and you can also get our products very easily in the market at the same price.